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Default Featured truck topic?

Well I have been looking around for fellow members that have been featured online or in published magazines. If there was maybe a topic in the My Infamous Nissan section like the photograpy, it would be easier to find and fellow memebers could give a congrats for the feature. If the article could be scanned and posted up that would be cool to see.

For instance:
Under My Infamous Nissan have (this is just an example where you could put it):

Project Build Log
Featured Vehicles

When you click featured vehicles, every vehicle featured could have its own thread, in the thread could have the article that was published.

This is just an idea, might not be worth it but I believe there are some trucks that haven't been given a proper pat on the back and a congrats. Plus it could be a stroll down memory lane for people like me that can't remember crap. Some vehicles might have more than one feature, rebuilt a few times, and others might not have the origional owner but if they are a member here they "qualify", lol.
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