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Is this only for 4x4?
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Just used this, and the one created by Chickenfriend to create new cups. Only did the fronts as the back cups were fine and it would have been a ton of work removing the old cup there. Got a used stick welder that is temperamental... probably user error. Feel free to laugh at the welds.

Turned out to be good timing. The metal had been hacksawed all the way through, but hadn't started hacking into the rod itself yet.

Fantastic write ups.

Completed job:

Additional info:
Also used the Moog strut-rod bushings after some bad recent luck with Mevotech (different car - but left a sour taste)
As I guy that has tried to cheap out in the past and had to redo jobs because of faulty parts, I'll probably just use buy Moog wherever possible in the future.

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Looked at your picture and it's good!!
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