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Great write up. Looks like my truck when I bought it. Then I got the sickness... Well I've always had the sickness.

Oh, I did not notice if you added an idler arm brace/bracket. It is the weakest link in the steering, one curb shot and it will bend. Then your truck will look like it got kick in the nuts.
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Originally Posted by jgreen302 View Post
This particular seal is not found at rockauto or any local parts place. Again. . . Nissan only. Order AHEAD OF TIME!!!!!

Your seal needs to look like the one on the LEFT in this picture!!!

You can remove the rubber stuff and actually SEAT the seal shown on the right into the cup. But if you do. . . oh my god will you CUSS!!!!! It looks like it should, it makes sense, but the spacing is ALL WRONG. Basically, when you remove the spindle, flip it over, remove the orange metal spacer, and take a air chisel and just Brrrrrrrp that big metal cup and seal out of the spindle (big tech tip here).

Part No.


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Not sure if its available for you guys, but in Japan there's a company called "Musashi Oil Seals" that sells those seals too. Same quality as Nissan ones. In fact, I think that it is this company that supplies Nissan.
It's available on the Japanese Amazon, but have no idea if they ship internationally.

Nissan part number: 40227-31G01
Musashi Part number: N2279

They also have the other seal.

Nissan part number: 40232-31G00
Musashi part number: NI2251

Hope that it helps someone.
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Great job on this. Also, good call on getting the Sway-A-Way t-bars. I loved mine.

A word of caution, though:
You mentioned using heat to free the t-bars from rear anchors. I would advise against anything hotter than a propane torch. I once used an oxy-acetylene torch on mine and it annealed (softened) them. One stripped almost as soon as I put the load back on it.

So I would say that if you have to torch them apart, go ahead and replace them. They can literally let you down.
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