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The vacuum booster hose is larger, if your looking to replace all the hoses
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the truck idles a ton smoother and has better power delivery. it still has a mild wobble/hunt at idle but *meh*

one interesting data point. I normally get 17mpg combined (99.9% city) and i kinda light foot it around. The last fill up was after taking two kayaks on over head racks 35mins away and back while mashing the throttle like it was a need for speed game. I still got 17. which means, the mileage likely went up. ill track the gas mileage with the next non-asshat-driving fillup and report back for record keeping sake.
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Officially measured several times, the Teal Terror gets 27.5 MPG on the highway if I drive it nice in 5th gear on the flat. Around town it gets 25 MPG. But we're talking about an engine that gets over-the-top lubrication (Hy-Per-Lube and oil change every 1,500 miles) and has tip top maintenance on tune up stuff.

I find this amazing because the overhead Lund moonshade is a wind resistor, is pretty heavy fiberglass piece, and the truck also has an aluminum canopy. Some extra load in the bed, not much, but the rubber bed liner weighs at least an additional twenty pounds. I also run 15-inch tires.

About hose replacements: Pull one size hose at a time. Just one hose. Go to parts store and have them match it off the stock rolls of hose they carry. Buy enough hose to cover ALL of that particular size you have going in your truck. Replace one at a time when you get the hose home. That way you won't forget which hose goes where and end up with a mess. (LOL I have done this when I had the 89 truck. It was a mess.)

Go to next size hose. Pull one, match and buy enough to do all. Go home. Rinse and repeat. Any hose with an old type screw clamp, that clamp should be replaced with a modern one. They look cooler anyway in the chrome color. Make sure you mount them so the clamp screw faces in a direction where you can get to it easy if you have to later. Any hose that connects to an ALUMINUM fitting should not be overtightened. You can crack the fitting with the clamp. Water hoses are especially prone to this. Ask me how I know that too. LOL...yeah I learned a lot when I had that 89 single cab. Most of it was learned the HARD WAY.

1997 King Cab XE, 5-sp, canopy, AC/PS, KA24E, 129,000 miles. Need a technical manual? Drop me a message. Chilton's for amateurs.

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