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Originally Posted by jp2code View Post
What headers did you use? They look shiny and chrome. Doug Thorley?

I'd usually go through and fix the images so they are embedded in your post, but I'm operating on a laptop screen and keyboard today. Better than a phone, but it's still slow.
Theyre pacesetter. I had originally ordered the painted ones. After a few months of delays i called to inquire and was told that the cerramic coated were in stock and could ship out by the weekend. After those getting delayed, I called pacesetter directly and they informed me about them being shut down for awhile. Figured i wouldnt change my order again.

Yea eventually id like to get them embedded, im usually posting from my phone, dont have a great spot to sit down and work on my computer.
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Hey Everyone! Its been awhile since I've been getting on here. I moved to Baker, NV for the summer work. Put about, probably close to, 3000 miles on the build. Seems to be running like a top. Although, my door handle broke again already. (Just replaced it a few months ago.)

Just to give some update pictures of the exhaust and stabalizer bar.

I ended up just welding up a short side exit exhaust with a glass pack, so I could get out here.

For the stabilizer shock, with the filter moved to the front, it would make contact. I ended up just extending it a bolt hole length and welding a piece of steel to the backside.

It of course changed the angle on the ends. It still seems to have fluid movement and doesnt seem to hinder anything down there.

Also believe its time that I'll be changing out the leaf springs. I'm looking at getting some "medium duty" says that up to GVWR that it gives a lift of 1". With how much I'll probably be pulling the trailer, it'll be worth it.

I think that should update to where I'm at.

Oh, I tried searching, found very little actual info on it. Is it possible to relocate the climate control to the bottom of the center console? I don't mind the fabrication that will probably be needed. At the same time I would be looking at taking out the A/C things under the dash, which could make things a bit more flexible.

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It would be tough to get the cables to reach down there and operate.

For the door handle, try removing the latch assembly so you can clean and lubricate it. That should keep the door handles intact.
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