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sho nuff
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Default Ac and power steering pulleys are they the same

As the title says, I'm looking to replace both on my 4cyl 199 fronty. Any thoughts?
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I've had to replace both on my 1998 Frontier 4-cylinder which now has 236K miles. And the PS pulley on my 2004 4-cylinder Frontier, all due to worn-out bearings.

One can replace just the bearings if you can find them, but most parts retailers list just the entire pulley assembly, like the Gates ones I bought at O'Reilly. That takes a few minutes, so easier/faster for a mechanic to just replace the entire pulley.

Yes, these two pulleys are slightly different, but I have no idea why Nissan designed them as different parts.

Make sure to take pictures or make good notes of how the washers, etc. go before removing these pulleys; not a difficult job to R&R, but correct order can be tricky !!! If the bearing seizes up completely, could cause your belt to break or get glazed over, so be sure to check your existing belts and replace if necessary. Don't buy cheap belts for these, they have a history of squealing on Frontiers; I'd say Nissan, Gates, or Gatorback.

Belts what I use on mine:
Alternator/water pump Nissan 02117-90513 Gates/CarQuest 7355 9.5mm x 920mm
Power steering Nissan 02117-25023 Gates/CarQuest 9495 Goodyear Gatorback 17494 12.5/13mm x 1260mm
AC Nissan 02117-92523 Gates/CarQuest 9365 12.5/13mm x 935mm
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One is larger in diameter than the other. Must be for different speeds that the designers felt was needed.
I have good used ones on hand. Actually the AC idler I have.
My stable of Nissan trucks includes:
1987 Nissan King Cab(full frame off Restoration).
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