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Default Official wheel thread

I search and couldn't find one. post up your wheel and tire setup so other people can see what they like and might want to run on their truck. whether your raised or lowered, bagged or static, poking or tucked. Post up what you got!

follow the format:
- Wheel Brand
- Diameter (16/17/18)
- Width
- Offset/Back spacing
- Suspension modifications
- fender modifications
- Tire Sizes
- Any other relevant info
and post some pics at the end!

please keep the chat out of this thread, it's NOT for asking questions. just a database for people to see different setups

ill start. i bought the truck with these rims on it and im not liking them, going to change them soon

- Wheel Brand- American Racing, Black Elements
- Diameter- 16
- Width- 8
- Offset/Back spacing- offset +12mm
- Suspension modifications- 4" static drop
- fender modifications- slight pull in rear
- Tire Sizes- 225/45/16
- Any other relevant info- N/A

when i bought the truck 3" drop

after a 4" drop

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-Isuzu Axiom oem wheels
-Diameter: 17 inches
-Width: 7 inches
-Offset: +35
-Suspension: lowered on 4x4 leafs and re-drill in rear with torsion in front
-Fenders: Pulled in rear, nothing in front.
-Tire size: 235/55/17
-Other: Tires rub inner fenders in front over large bumps

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this will make a great stickie if people start adding their...

wheel size/brand
tire size/brand
how much lift/lowered and what type of suspension... PML (poor man's lift/lower), drop spindles, bags, etc.

come on peeps lets make this work. and privide pictures! 1st 2 are great examples. get 'er done!
96 HB XE
SAS'd D44 3-link on 35s
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-brand: MB called gunner 6
- diameter: 18'S
- width: 8.5
- offset: 25/Back spacing UNSURE
- suspension: bagged fully lays frame
- fender mods: pathy fronts, and grafted pathy quarters. both front and rear fenders are rolled
- tire size: 225/40/18
- Thats it!

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Made this a sticky, if you post, please follow the lead set by the first 3 guys. We'll prune out the chatter and any pics that don't have the needed info.
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Wheel Brand
Nissan Pathfinder Chrome steel wheels
Offset/Back spacing
Suspension modifications
Bagged, Drop spindles
fender modifications
Lil pulling out back with removed inner fenders
Tire Sizes
195/65/15 (25" rolling diameter)

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Wheel Brand
Isuzu /Honda passport (got them from the honda but they are stamped isuzu)
Offset/Back spacing
Suspension modifications
stock (needs to be lowered, lol)
fender modifications
Tire Sizes
225/55 R 16

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Wheel Brand
14" Chrome w/factory center caps and steel beauty rings
Factory Spec
Offset/Back spacing
Factory Spec
Suspension modifications
stock, but i want to lower it about 3 inches soon
fender modifications
Tire Sizes
195 75 R14

here is mine, just in case anyone wants a reference of the factory look with all factory ride height and optional 14' chrome wheels.

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- Wheel Brand: Nismo Titan wheels
- Diameter: 18"
- Width: 8"
- Offset/Back spacing: +25 mm
- Suspension modifications: Torsioned front end. No front bump stops. 3" blocks, clamped rear leaves for an additional 1". No rear bump stops. Front and rear sway bars.
- fender modifications: None yet.....
- Tire Sizes: Front tires 235/40ZR18, Rear tires 245/40ZR18 Nexen N3000
-I need stiffer front end. These pictures are before the current tires and leaf clamps.


'71 510 KA24-E
'89 Supra 1JZ-GTE
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- Wheel Brand
Chevy Silverado 1500 2004-2007, Suburban 1500 2004-2006, and Tahoe 2004-2006. Z71's
- Diameter
- Width
- Offset/Back spacing
- Suspension modifications
4" angled blocks, turned torsion bars with pinto shocks.
- fender modifications
NONE, stock front(2wd),stock rear.
- Tire Sizes
Front 205/45/17 (went with 215/45 later). Rear 225/45/17
- Any other relevant info
Planing on doing redrill and spindles next.

SBC V8 swap build http://www.infamousnissan.com/forum/...ad.php?t=26183

SBC V8 350 carbed-TH400, Dana 44 LSD, X-drilled/slotted rotors, 4" blocks, pintos, 17" Z71's.
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