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Welcome to infamous nissan!

I suspect you did not hurt anything. When you bleed it with the screw you want it cold. Be ready to reinstall the screw IMMEDIATELY lol. You may not even have to fully remove it from the hole.

When the head gasket blew on my wife’s 97 there was no doubt. Massive white smoke from the tail pipe, then it stopped running lol
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thanks guys! you guys are awesome! I cracked that bleeder screw just in case last night, just as a preventative measure. It gurgled and poured out of that hole. you guys have been the one to help me get this thing going! Bama your a life saver when you post alternator wiring diagrams and such
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bleed any air with it running, you want the thermostat to be open that way the coolant circulates through the whole system, also have the heat on as I said,

when the coolant starts to come out the air bleed hole you can put the bolt back in, the coolant will be hot so I use a magnet tool to start the bolt, just so I don't have to hold it with my fingers and they get burned.
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Originally Posted by jp2code View Post
Sounds like you dodged the bullet.

Just don't make it a habit of running the engine without coolant. I think you got lucky this time.

Keep a close eye on the temperature gauge. A lot of times air bubbles will get caught inside and cause the engine to overheat if you don't release the air properly.
How do you release the air properly?

I know this probably sounds like an amateur question, but my last vehicle was an 86 VW Vanagon and bleeding those things was an overly complicated nightmare. My car knowledge is mostly based on my experiences working on that.
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Originally Posted by Kbryant85 View Post
How do you release the air properly?
Finding the bleed screw is the only hard part. It should be somewhere on the intake manifold. I'm not sure where it is on other engines, but the VG30E has it on the driver's side.

It is as simple as backing off of the plug until coolant flows out, then snug it back down.
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