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Paulie T
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Default Legroom

Anyone ever modified king cab driver’s seat and/or frame to get more legroom?
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Originally Posted by Paulie T View Post
Anyone ever modified king cab driver’s seat and/or frame to get more legroom?
I have not done this, but I suppose it is possible by re-drilling your four seat bolt holes. The stock holes are specially designed to help hold the seat in place during a collision, though. They are sort-of reinforced for that. If you re-drill your holes further back on the floorboard, you will have to account for that or you could get pitched right out your windshield if your seat tears loose.

I hesitate to recommend reinforcements because the factory install is pretty good. However...I did think about this problem for a while. If you are insistent on moving back the seat and tracks, you will just be drilling un-reinforced holes through the floorboard, so you have to spread the load somehow, and go beyond just some fat washers. They might not hold. Might just rip through the sheet metal on the floorboard.

Not sure here...maybe some 1/4" stainless steel plate on the bottom of the floorboard, UNDER the truck? At least six inches a side? For all four of your new bolt holes? That might spread out the load enough to hold in an emergency, if God forbid you had a crash. For best results, have them welded in place and THEN drill your holes. I would use the strongest bolts available, and still use big heavy washers and locking washers to boot.

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Hi Paulie,
Yes. In my truck I used 1/4x4 flat steel to connect the sliders to each other through the factory mounts that bolt the sliders to the seat. Then drill new relocated holes to mount the seat to the new steel flat. If you use grade 8(or higher) bolts, washers and nuts to attach the flat steel to the sliders you should never have to worry about crash protection because you have not altered the reinforced locations where the sliders attach to the truck. The sliders unbolt from the seat pan, and that is where you should make the modification. New holes in the floor is a bad idea, and should be avoided if at all possible . The only place the sliders CAN bolt to is where they are bent for now, so moving them will drastically alter any crash protection.
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