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Those Ultras really take me back to the 90's. Ultra and Centerline wheels always looked the best imo.
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I like those
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I may be wrong but I think the two piece is 1-wheel & 1-centercap
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So update time on little blue, traded off my ladder rack for a raven canopy/topper/shell what ever you want to call it lmao.

Not sure if it's exactly built for this truck, but its famn close to fitting perfect in every aspect so I'm happy. I'm picky when it comes to toppers as alot of trucks is see really dont fit.

Yes I did want a window canopy, I'm honestly not a big fan of windowless canopy.. amd the fact I want to see out the back of the truck as much as I can. When I first got it someone painted the inside windows black so it was impossible to see anything so I spent a good day scraping the paint off although one window was replaced with plexi. So eventually I'll need to take it to a glass shop.

Also finally got a set of OEM tails back on the truck, want it to look as original as possible.

Brakes were squeaking so put new pads and rotors on, replaced my drag plate, oil change, and bag maintenance.

About a week after maintenance on the truck, was driving to a store and poof! A fuck ton of blueish whitish smoke started dumping out the exhaust. Parked didn't see any major oil leaks, but did see oil dripping down exhaust and oil level was low. Towed it home and checked the plugs the next day and they were coated with oil. And the oil level was back to full and watery/bubbles. So the main things were thinking is blown headgasket, bad ring/seal, or possible head crack... theres oil all over the motor and I'm done fixing this shit ass motor.

So I made the decision to park it until I have the time to rebuild it. And when I say rebuild I mean the entire truck. Sfbd on a new 3/4 frame, and a whole different motor and trans combo. Open to opinions on engines, want to stick with a 4 banger but open to other ideas. My thoughts were a ka24de, ca18de, or an sr20de...

So heres the rendering I through together for the truck, want a 90s style build

same oem blue color
Subtle 90s graphic
Paintmatched everything
My 16" ultra 3 spokes
3.5" sfbd
Engine swap
And if I have time tilt bed and canopy..

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Any updates?
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>>>> WE ARE BACK! <<<<

Forgot to post an update on whats been going on...

After sitting for 3 - 4 months I finally caved and decided to diagnose the issue as I'm at least a year out from rebuilding the truck. So talked to a friend and made a deal to diagnose the truck in his free time. Got the intake pulled off, gasket didn't look to great but not super problematic. Rear bolts on the head were not near as tight and boom rear fire rings on head gasket were completely separated, thus causing coolant into the engine!

So from that point looked like the head was in good shape, for cheap insurance got the head pressure tested. There were no cracks, one valve was at 70% so had that replaced. Got a fresh surfacing and back to my buddy for reassembly. While we were here went though all the engine related gaskets replaced, motor leaked in a few spots before this... slapped a new water pump, timing chain, and wires on.

Boom we are back up and running! Now that I got a little fuel to the fire, I dont have the time or space to do large projects atm so now I'm focusing my attention onto cleaning things up! First major thing is engine bay, I refuse to pop my hood at shows hell not even in front of friends and family ������

Main goals:
- convert to mannual steering and deleting all of the PS parts ( this will tremendously help )
- shaving the stock exhaust manifold ( think this will be suddle mod that people don't think about )
- cut out and fab new tubs ( old ones are garbage�� )
- trim harness down from the no longer used plugs and sensors
- attempt a wire tuck ( if im feeling ambitious )

First little mods, trashed the old plastic overflow can and installed a cheap universal bottle behind the grille. Im going to eventually blast and coat it black to blend in, all the black bottles were back ordered

Made a quick 18g cover to hide the brake lines and harness.

Removed the breather hose and popped on a k&n filter to remove some of the bulk, will eventually swap to a blue filter when i find one to be extra detailed.

Should be picking up a mannual steering box and shaft here soon, and under go the process of removing the old leaky power steering setup.


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What up yall!

Little OG style update on little blue, shooting for the old 90s ish style with this truck.. Really dig the old blazer spoiler mod on canopy's back in the day. So decided to make my own custom wing and brackets in a more modern style.

Made everything from 1/8" aluminum and dimple died the wing for that extra bling lol. With the design I didn't want the wing obnoxiously tall like the og trucks, which i understand they were mounted high to get the glass open. So made a really simple hinge system that allows me to tilt the wing up to open the rear glass and keep it a lower profile to the roof line. At the moment finished the wing in a brush finish unsure if I will go the polished route in the future or paint...

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