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Default 93 D21 4x4 Head Gasket Advice

I noticed in late Summer last year that radiator was losing water. Couldn't figure out why I needed to add water each time I drove it (about once a week.)

Sometimes I would forget to top off radiator and truck would start to get hot. I would pull over, top off radiator and continue on.

Saw the white smoke and water in tailpipe back in January. Bought some Bar's Leaks and put a half-bottle in according to recommendations. The white smoke seemed to abate....so I changed the oil and about a quart of water poured out before emulsified oil. Drove the truck about 20 miles or so and checked water the following morning only to see some water missing.

Took the truck into a local shop and reported all that is mentioned above....including the oil change info. They got back to me the next day and said that they did a "chemical test" and that their professional opinion was that the head gasket was not blown....or had been repaired by the Bar's Leak.

I took the truck on a 300 mile round trip drive last week and it needed almost a full gallon of water to each way. I did not let it get close to overheating.

Took the truck back to the same shop. Heard nothing from them for a full week and decided to stop in yesterday. They sheepishly told me that they did a compression check and decided that the head gasket was blown.

Learned that they do no do work on "interference engines." I then called a place that was recommended to do the work and they said that they would not "touch it" because they would be afraid that restored compression would ruin an engine with 287,000 miles on it...and that the engine "bearings" might be bad. They felt that they could not warranty the repair.

I love this truck and it runs really well - despite the head gasket problem... but I live on a mountainside with gravel driveway and no garage. Head gasket repair is above my pay grade anyway.

If I were to be able to find a shop willing to do the repair....along with timing chain replacement, what should I expect to pay? Any other advice with how to proceed with solving this problem would be appreciated!
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