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Originally Posted by cadillacdude1975 View Post
Is reusing head bolts worth potential catastrophic damage?

if theyre not yielded, its fine. do whatever you want but its not worth the 75 bucks to me to replace a bolt thats perfectly reusable. you replace your lug studs every time you take a wheel off? same idea.
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^^^ not good advice.
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being as you only own nissans, youre wrong. most other mfg's dont suggest replacing non-torque to yield bolts. google that shit. youll learn something
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If only the OP had asked about something other than a Nissan. If he asks what gear oil the transmission takes, we’re not gonna tell him what Ford recommends for the F-150. Stay on task man, no need to be contrary for the sake of being disagreeable.
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Google says this, says that. I've reused head bolts once or twice when I was really broke and desperate, (the 80's). Once it worked. Another time I blew the head gasket again a thousand miles down the road. It's a crap shoot all the way and the main thing to consider is the amount of work you have to do *again* if your re-used head bolts fail on you.

The failure happened on a late 70's Toyota truck with the four banger. I don't remember the one that actually worked. If the re-used head bolts fail on you, then you end up cussing yourself for not replacing the bolts. I don't have to tell you it's a helluva lot of work re-doing a head gasket. Gotta pull all that stuff again....your exhaust manifold, the head itself, front cover, radiator probably...I dunno. A LOT of STUFF. Another consideration is when you re-use head bolts, they've already been stressed and are more difficult to torque down properly. You can actually crack your aluminum head if you have to over-torque them a bit to get the poundage you need according to the manual. You can also strip out a bolt hole, or even snap one of the bolt heads right off.

Maybe it's like that old TV commercial for that tranny repair company. Can't remember their name, but they would run the ad with the mechanic saying, "You can pay me now...or you can pay me LATER..."

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