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Default Please help with 87 2.4l

So I just replaced my distributor cap and rotor, and fuel filter, and now it won't start. It backfires a bit. Have checked the placement of spark plug wires, and its correct. Did I some how throw the timing off or what?
The reason for replacing this is because when I bought it a week ago, while driving it it bogs down like its not getting fuel, and have to feather the throttle so it doesn't bog down going down the road. Does this in the top end of every gear, hence why I replaced what I did. I do have spark plug wires coming, but it didn't do this until I replaced the cap/ rotor and fuel filter. Wth. Any ideas?
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Do we assume that your truck ran OK BEFORE you did any of this???????????

Can your fuel filter be installed backwards (not sure this would matter, but just asking)?

Unless you loosened the distributor bolts and turned the distributor body, you haven't affected the ignition timing.

Is the rotor on yours held on by a set screw, and only can be fitted one way? From what I read here, issue has to be with the rotor, distributor cap, or the spark plug wire placement. I'd replace those with the old parts ONE-BY-ONE. If #1 is correct, the firing order is 1-4-3-2

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Go back and look at the cap & rotor to be certain the holding screw is tightened down snugly. Also, check the spark plug wires for the correct firing order. There might be numbers on the distributor cap labeled which plug wire goes to which cylinder. My cap has this number system and helps not mix them up.

I would also check the orientation of the distributor when you installed it. You could have moved the timing. Poor timing would cause back firing and hard starts.

Seems like a fuel pressure check and spark check are also necessary.

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Here's the diagram for the 87.
You might also try swapping your coil wires, but I don't think it matters.

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Hey guys thanks for the replies. The cover had each coil marked lol. Didn't see that when I put it on��
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