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Default Transmission guru needed

I have posted about this before but now I have a new wrinkle in my problem. I have a 95 A/T 2 why drive 4 cyl . On cold morning which we have had a lot of in Ohio and even on colder mornings when I lived in Florida I start the truck and drive will not engage. I can put it in 1st or 2nd no problem and than after about 1000 feet it goes into D. When I stop say for gas and start it back up no problem.
Hereís the new twist. I must have accidentally push the button and took it out of OD and the next morning it shifted right into drive. Iíve tried this a couple times now and no problem. I can immediately put it back into OD and no problem.
The first thing Iím thinking of doing is change not flush the oil and change the transmission filter.
Anybody else have ideas or can explain why this would happen and not happen with out OD?
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Definitely change the fluid and filter. I use to add the lucas auto trans additive and it seemed to make the trans shift better.
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