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Hey thanks for the reply. Ok I ran into another problem so I'm not sure about the fuel pump. I left my key on and killed the battery but I'm getting a charger later today. I have removed the line from the fuel filter it's bone dry. I can blow air through the filter does that mean it's probably not that. Also let's say it's not the fuel pump, fuel pump relay, fuse, or filter. What other things could I check for. Like maybe something with the vaccume lines. Also I disconnected this one wire looking thing off the transmission or we'll somewhere in that area before I ever dropped the transmission and forgot exactly where it goes I just stuck it where I thought it went but later I will take a picture and post to see if maybe you know. I'm just trying to check everything before I drop my tank and all to change the fuel pump if that turns out to be the problem. So any other ideas. Also Isn't there some way to reset the fuel pump or prime it or something
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