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She drove home under her own power. First time the truck has gone a public road further than a mile in over a year. Super happy to have her home. Noticed a couple things on the way home though.

The reason I even started all this work was because of the the rattle at startup and at higher RPMs. Start up and idle rattle is all gone 100% of the time. The truck has never sounded so quiet in the 18 years I've been around the thing. However, it still rattles exactly at 3500 rpm in 1st through 3rd, and highway speeds in 4th and 5th its between 3500-4000 say around 3700 ish. It sounds like its right under the center of the dash. Any ides on where to check I will gladly take. I'm certain the chain, guides and tensioner are in, tight and good to go.

I need different or well longer lug nuts for the new wheels. So I couldn't put them on. Gonna try to get those today.

Needs a full engine detail

Remining list of items to repair are:

Replace engine mounts
Remove/correct all the rust spots
replace ball joints
install belltech drop kit
Detail interior
add Bluetooth head unit and upgrade speakers
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