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Just a tip for Ya, Project510...

When reinstalling that exhaust manifold. Don't fully tighten up all or any of the nuts before getting everything fitted up. Once everything is in place loosely. Only then should you start to torque the exhaust manifold nuts(12mm) first. Then the three 14mm nuts loosely, as there will be some wiggling of the manifold and at the mid pipe to get everything lined up and then final torques applied.

Also, be certain that the exhaust manifold studs are tightened down into the cylinder head. I double nutted the studs using flanged nuts to check mine and some were alarmingly loose! CAUTION: DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! The cylinder head is only aluminum!

Exhaust manifold 12mm nuts = about 17 ft./lbs.(spark plug tightness)

Midpipe 14mm nuts(should be new ones) + about 37 ft./lbs.

Use new manifold gaskets and Midpipe crush washers too.

2x manifold gaskets; 2x - crush washers for the Midpipe

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