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1" between the boards is a little much I think, usually you leave like a 1/4" but if it works. My deck boards are also screwed down using those torx head coated screws.

I have removed a section of my deck and plan to rebuild it closer to the ground, I am doing this because I want to get a shed and put it on the deck at a lower height to make it easier to get my mower, pressure washer out of it instead of having to build a ramp down from the old height ( which would have been easier !) My deck is currently build on 4x4 posts I have in the ground with concrete, than double 2x8's run across from each 4x4 post, and 2x8's sit on top of the double 2x8's.

I removed everything down to just the 4x4 posts and am wondering if it would be ok to use a 4x4 instead of the 2x8's across the 4x4 posts, to make the deck sit lower, I plan on cutting the 4x4 posts closer to the ground to make it lower also. Than I'll reuse the 2x8's that the deck boards screw into, although I may rip the 2x8's down to 6" to also help lower the deck.

Some pics below:

Week ago I removed the deck boards (excuse the mess used to be an area for my mother in laws dogs to poop before I extended the deck, I gave away the little plastic fence sections)

Yesterday I took the rest down ( I buried the wires after taking the pics)

Area where my stairs used to be, my shed to the right, PVC pipe is air line that goes from my compressor in my shed to under the house and runs to the front (mobile home), have to relocate it of course.

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