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Originally Posted by VOTS95 View Post
I have the same VG33E setup but wasnít sure what tuneup parts I was supposed to use. Iíve been running my old VG30E ignition parts but changed the gap on the plugs to match the newer engine. Iím thinking of pulling the plugs to see how they look. It might be a good time to swap out the parts. FYI, my truck averages 16.5 mpg and runs pretty good.

I can't say if I notice any difference in the parts. The truck is driving better, but it wasn't driving horrible before. It just feels a little smoother now, or maybe that's my imagination.

My average MPG on should start going down, but that's more because I drive the Xterra for most of my trips and use the truck more for pulling trailers - which generally means something heavy is on the trailer.

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