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When I was there we worked 7 days a week with 1 day off a month until my last couple months where we did 12s on weekends and got every other weekend off. The pay was decent. More than I make now as an engineer. I was maint in Canton. The hours made it impossible to have a life outside work. Impossible to basically do anything outside work let alone just go grocery shopping. The supervisors always complained that we didn't put in enough time when most of us averaged 12-14hrs a day anyways. My boss had the audacity to tell me he would see me at regular starting time when he left early knowing full well I'd be there for almost 24hrs that day. I told him he will see me when I wake up. The HR department I worked with should be fired. Completely incompetent and completely oblivious of anything going on in the plant. The head of maint for the plant was just as useless. He came in for some Xmas thing when we worked Xmas. Made a huge deal about how he was sleeping in his office and all that. When it came to time to do the Xmas shindig the next guy down from him did everything while he sat playing games on his phone the entire time and ignored everyone.

My last boss (had 3 in less than a year) was good but very green. Was starting to be a good boss by the time I left. His boss was useless. The production supervisor I worked with was awesome.

I took about a $10/hr pay cut and I am way happier. Quality of life has dramatically improved. Most of the folks I respected on my shift are no longer there.
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