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Originally Posted by 89'HBV6 View Post
Got access to anything "from the peroid"... looking for more of the FSMs.
To be honest we have no access to anything of the sort unfortunately. When there's a model change everything is thrown out to make room the new vehicle. I'd be nice to have but there's no reason for them to keep service manuals for something we haven't made in 25 years. If there was some old information hiding in storage somewhere no one would care to help me find it let alone let me take it home.

Our best bet would be a tech at a dealership, they would have a lot more luck coming across something like that.

Originally Posted by Deerhurst View Post
Used to work in Paint 1 in Canton when the new Titan was released. A former member here, Mytmouz, used to work in Trim as maintenance. Im glad I got to meet him before he passed. He was a good guy. Very talented with vehicles.

Honestly, Im so glad I dont work there anymore. Wasnt worth my sanity. The hours were stupid.
Man I've always heard Canton is rough but I don't know first hand. And yes the hours aren't the best but I like working there overall, especially for the pay vs my education level.

Originally Posted by OldGreyBeast View Post
Friend of mine works up there. He's either retiring soon or already has, I haven't talked to him since a little before I got sick. You know Ty Duncan?
Doesn't ring a bell but we have 8k people working there so it's not unusual for me to never have met him. Is he in trim or paint?
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