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I've got this grill I bought from a guy on Facebook Marketplace, but it certainly doesn't fit my 1994.

What I've found:

Originally Posted by Deerhurst View Post
Pathy or 88/89 Hardbody. Uses special headlights and corners.
Originally Posted by Deerhurst View Post
86.5-95 pathy corners and lights. I believe its 88-89 for the Hardbody.
Originally Posted by alabama_lowlife View Post
You would need pathfinder headlight assemblies, headlight pigtails, and corner lights. Iím pretty sure that specific grille was from a pathfinder. My 88 and 89 hardbodies didnít have a rounded emblem in the center of the grille. They had just the word Nissan in the lower right corner of the grille.
Enough said. I'm not interested in all that work for something I may or may not like.

I don't have a box big enough to ship it in, but if you are close - it is free to take.
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