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Default Lost instrument/gauge cluster lights, tail lights, and marker lights.

(1991 model) Headlights, turn signals and brake lights work. Yesterday I went on a 4 hour round trip to pick up some parts and used a small trailer to transport them home, which is a standard 4 pin connection. I noticed that my end was corroded a little as this is the first time trailering with my pickup since I got it 6 months ago. I cleaned it and the tail lights on the trailer looked better than when I first saw them. I probably didn't clean the connector out enough, though.

As the cluster, marker, and tail lights all turned on when I turn the lights switch on the "markers only" spot on the light knob, I think it may be the switch. Funny enough, I bought one a few months ago because I thought it was the problem to a headlight out, but it wasn't, so I have the entire light switch/turn signal/cruise stick on hand. But if it was a fuse or a relay, where would it be located?

EDIT: I changed the tense of "turn" to "turned" to clarify that i have no cluster, marker, or tail lights at all.

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