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Restoring my 1994 D21 4x4
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Somewhat of newbie when it comes to D21's and 4x4 vehicles in general. I've been having an issue with my 4x4 not engaging. When It's in 2 wheel drive the front cv axles do not spin. When it's in 4x4H the front left cv axle spins but not the right front cv axle. The troubleshooting was done while the truck was rolling, had a buddy drive it while I looked under. I have automatic locking hubs and have read about how unreliable they are via this thread. I'm hoping it's not the diff that's busted. Has anyone had this issue? If so, what ended up being the defective part? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated guys.

1994 D21 4x4 VG30

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