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Default Intermittent front end vibration

1999 2wd EX. Extra cab, 4cly, 5 speed.
All stock
A few weeks ago, I noticed a slight vibration through the steering wheel and front.
Checked the tires, tie rod ends, center link, ball joints, bushings.
Everything feels tight when squeezed with the pliers.
No movement on the ball joints.

Wheel bearings tight. No play.

Found one of the tires had a slight flat spot.

Thought it could be the start of a broken belt.
I replaced the two front tires.
Tire ware showed alignment to be good.

Now it seemed to have gotten worse.
It's not all the time.

Over 45mph it's fine. So the balance is good.
Going slow straight is good.
On a slight turn, it acts like one of the wheels is wobbling.

Steering wheel shakes.
When straighten out, it goes away.

Kind of stumped.
Don't want to start just replacing parts.

Any suggestions????
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