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When I'm looking at buying another vehicle, I always want to hear it start when the engine is cold. I'm curious to see if the cold start system is working correctly, I also want to listen for excessive tapping/knocking noises. Your truck has the 4 cylinder and they have a history of timing chain slap due to the plastic guide breaking and landing in the bottom of the oil pan.

As mentioned, rust. The frame, bed, rocker panels, floors, etc. Slide up underneath if possible and take a good look around.

The 4 cylinder engine doesn't have much power, upgrading to a larger size tire/wheel will magnify the problem. I put 30 x 9.5 x 15 tires and a set of lego rims on a 97 regular cab D21 once and the acceleration sucked. I took them right off and went back to stock wheels/tires.

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