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Default Two steel pipes under engine

Hi All, new to the forum and great to see the range and experience on the site. I bought a two D21 VG30 Hardbody V6 4wd auto, for my charity rally work that we do for The Starlight Foundation here in Australia. I have rebuilt the engine and various areas over the last 18 months and despite all good intent of marking, photos and the like, I have a couple of connection that are making my head spin as I cant find where they connect. Remembering that this is a RH drive vehicle here in Oz, the two steel lines come along the underside near the fuel lines and go 90 to the rear of the front cross member and finish there with a belled end as if ready for a rubber line connection. I have the auto tran cooler connected and fuel lines connected but cannot work out where these two lines connect. I have looked at Haynes Manuals and the Nissan D21 full workshop manual but none show the specifics of these two pipes.
I was hoping that someone might be able to provide some clues.
If it helps, I can upload a couple of pix of the pipe locations for viewing
Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Cheers
Ps i will be uploading some pix of the zed and terrano once i resize them shortly.
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