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Thanks for the quick responses and appreciate the need for pix. Took a couple from underneath as best I could this am and attach here. The pipes run across behind the front cross member and terminate as noted. They appear to feed back to the group that is the 4 pipes caught in the later pix - I will be trying to review in the next day or so to make sure I am accurate n that. I wonder if they are to do with fuel tank venting (petrol v6) somehow.
ps have also attached here and in my profile a pic of the Terrano (and my zed)
>rbuergeo LOL, would be worried if I confused exhaust/torsion components but after sweating through removal, rebuild and re -installation, anything is possible...
>89'HBV6- thanks re the manuals - yes Haynes is pretty useless and am reviewing the others. I did have prior links to these and have used and found the cluster of pipes I believe it is part of but cant determine the rest of the connection
> jp2code - thnx for the underside pic - similar but mine is a v6 4wd and I cant see any lines across the front crossmember. These pipes are only around 3/8' dia so def not confusing with torsion bars etc.
This is the approx location
This the pipe udner the front cross member
And this is the group I believe it goes back to the rear of the vehicle with - just near the steering box RHD
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