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OK, I got the timing cover off. There is thin line scored into the metal on the outside of the coolant passageway barrier. On the inside of that barrier, corresponding directly to the scored line on the other side, is a line of yellow shmoo. If I did it right, pics are below.

This first pic doesn't show the complete absence of drivers side chain guide.

The 2nd pic below shows the driver's side with missing chain guide near coolant passageway.

The 3rd pic below shows the scored line below the lip of the coolant passageway on the inside of the timing cover driver's side.

4th pic below shows line of "shmoo" on inside of coolant passageway which corresponds directly opposite to the scored line shown on outside of passageway shown above.

Before I started this, I thought that my head gasket was blown and I ran a half bottle of "Bars Leaks" through the system. That yellow stuff could be some residue from that. If I am successful in replacing timing chain parts including cover, I hope to be able to do some type of compression test to rule out the need for removing the cylinder head and replacing head gasket.

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