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Originally Posted by Hoseman1958 View Post
Thanks SciFi! This is all useful information. I hope though that I can get the timing cover off w/o removing the oil pan. I can probably loosen it up a good bit by removing most of the screws, but the front differential is too much of a barrier. I bought a new timing cover because I think that the timing chain has scored a hole in it that is allowing the coolant to leak into the engine. I'll post again once I get the timing cover off and can see what the damage is. I'll post some pics too.
It is possible to remove the front cover without completely dropping the oil pan, especially if you get good drop in the front. But...then there is a chance the pan might leak once the gasket is uncompressed, and then re-compressed. Might want to shoot some gasket sealer around the pan lip as much as possible before putting those ten mm bolts back to it.

You have the Factory Service Manual for this truck, right? If not, drop me a message at adventurebooksofseattle AT Gmail dot com and tell me the year of your truck.

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