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Default Rough Idling/Sputtering While Cold

Let's get straight down to it. On the TBi models of the VG30, which are 1986 to 1989, sometimes they act like they sprained their ankle and don't wanna run while it's cold. However, they run fine when warm with a little sputter here and there.

Give the poor truck some slack. It's probably 30 years old (Like mine will be in December this year), and it's probably NEVER had the wax idle solenoid repacked or replaced. I KNEW I had a bad solenoid, but I chose to just let it be.

Therefore, I don't know how to replace it, but I can tell you that if NOTHING is working for you, and you're sure you have the fast idle screw, timing, an everything else where it's supposed to be, then go buy yourself a wax repacking kit, or a new solenoid. Chances are, that'll be all you need to fix that.

Symptoms are:
Sputtering on takeoff if you haven't let it warm up and idle a while.
Rough idle while cold.
Hard starting while cold.
Some sputtering while warm.
High idle. (Around 1k when warm.)

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