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Thanks SBJ. Yeah, I sliced both hands up pretty good fishing that wiring harness up over the transmission and to the connector. I was so happy when I got it all bolted in place, and I was so frustrated when I drove it the first time and got a new Check Engine code.

The manual sounded vague, but I was able to get it into Neutral, crawl back under the truck, take the linkage off, rotate the shift lever to straight Up and Down, and reinstall the linkage. That error code went away, and now my backup lights come on when I shift into Reverse.

I still get the P0325 Knock Sensor error code about once a week. I find it hard to believe that the Knock Sensor would only be faulty some of the time, so I suspect either poor wiring or some other issue with the engine is causing the ECU to think it is the Knock Sensor that is messed up (like an EGR valve malfunction).
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