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Default Lower Ball Joint Stuck in Knuckle (4x4)

1997 Hardbody XE 4x4

Been reading threads here to replace a lower ball joint myself, but unfortunately, a few taps with the pickle fork has done nothing to separate the bj from the knuckle. I have even purchased a separator and have cranked that so hard that it blows off the knuckle before any movement occurs with the bj.

My process thus far:
  • Lift tuck, jack stands, remove tire;
  • Support lower control arm with jack;
  • Destroy lower bj grease boot with pickle fork, remove ring that was in the boot;
  • Attempt to separate bj from knuckle with separator without any luck

What am I missing? I haven't loosened the bolts that attach the bj to the control arm. Everything I've read says do that after separating bj and knuckle. I feel like the bj has nowhere to go, as if the knuckle has something stopping it from separating from the bj.

Any thoughts are very much appreciated.
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