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On the D21 it is not possible to get low and high beam filaments on at the same time (without finessing the stalk). When high beam is turned on the low beam filament is deenergized and vice versa for the the high beam filament on low beam. If one isn't working right the bulb should not come on when put into the offending position.

I would check the alignment of the driver's side bulb.

Now, if the bulb alignment is good and you have confirmed low beam filament is staying on when the stalk is in high beam the last place is the stalk its self. The contacts in there are basically spring loaded fingers and do wear out.

If you do end up replacing the stalk, I have had good luck with an inexpensive Beck/Arnly in my truck, just remember to be gentle with the column cover. It's old and does have a few clips that hold it together.
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