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Originally Posted by amdilligaf1 View Post
i don't know why i had never heard of it.
but i was at LKQ last summer and there was CJ next to the D21 i was fleecing. looked over and saw a box wrench and about a rusty half can of areokroil in the tub !
it had no pressure but i took it home and punched the can, poured it in a glass jar. i use it sparingly on the tough stuff, need to get more, definitely.
it is good.
I may know where you can find a can of that magic elixir, amdilligaf1.

jp2code, it looks like those passengers were firmly entrenched in the dash!

In other news, I got the vacuum lines sorted on Hector and drove him around for about 45 minutes. Almost ready to declare the transplant a success. Gotta adjust the clutch safety switch under the pedal - a bit frustrating having to find that "sweet spot" to crank the truck.
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