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Default 1991 Driveway Revival to Daily Driver

Ever been driving down the road and seeing something sitting unused and weathered, and thought, "man I would love to get something like that back on the road."? Who am I kidding, I'm sure many of you have, but I had a feeling to leave a note asking about this truck and within hours I had my hands on this old truck, a faded red 1991 D21, tucked away at the end of a dead end street in nowhere South Carolina. Also, found out I was the first to inquire about it since it had been parked in 2013, due to some minor issues and the driver of the truck sadly passing. Seeing it had 126k on the dash and the somewhat solid shape the truck looked to be I knew I couldn't back away. Ran to the bank and came back with a trailer. Looking to turn this into a daily so I can park the gas hog of an Xterra I drive everyday. So far, had an electrical gremlin that would run away with all of the power when I turned the key to start. Pulled the starter, which had been recently replaced. Pushed the new parts store employees out of the way to test it myself (worked at AZ for 5 years and they need serious help) and it tested fine. Put it back in, and it lives. Pulled plugs to let a little mystery oil say hi to the rings and now I'm waiting for a fuel pump to be delivered. Going to pull the bed this weekend and poke around a bit more. Here are a few pics in the meantime. And I had to make Jeff the Opossum move out before I brought it home.

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