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Thank you A! That's good information. I drove by the shop several times during the week and could see that the vehicle was still in the original space where I parked it...during a time when they have lot's of cars there due to the stimulus checks. I have smelled gas after driving the vehicle and the "technician" told me that the gas leak problem was associated with the head gasket problem. Is it possible that the gas problem has something to do with the timing chain.....which on this vehicle has never been changed? It bears repeating that they told me they originally did a "chemical" test which they insisted was entirely dependable at diagnosing a bad head gasket.

I have a compression test kit but have never used it. I have a neighbor who I think would assist me with that. I think I saw something in one of the posts I read that says I should expect compression readings of @ 150 psi for each cylinder?

I will work on getting the valve cover removed so that I can try to start figuring this out. I'll post back when I learn more. Thank you again!
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