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While most people expect that coolant in the oil is the result of a blown head gasket, on the KA24E it’s more likely that the timing chain cut a hole in the timing cover coolant passage and is allowing coolant to spill into the crankcase. With the valve cover removed you should be able to verify if that is the problem in your case. If so you can just have the timing chain replaced and a new timing cover installed. This may not apply to your truck since they claim it failed the compression test, but I’m not sure if trust anything they say.

I’ve got to say, the shops in your area sound incompetent as hell. “Don’t work on interference engines” what a load of bull. A head gasket is a pretty straight forward task. I’m not sure what to expect to pay for it. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had one done, it was my wife’s truck and we needed it back quickly.
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