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Originally Posted by alabama_lowlife View Post
As far as I know the only issues with the early 4.0 wasn’t the engine itself but the radiator crapping out and ruining the transmission. I think they cleared all that up around 2009?
That's correct. It's called the SMOD (Strawberry Milkshake Of Death). The good thing is, if you catch it before it happens, all you need to do is replace the radiator. That only cost me about $150 for the 2008 Xterra.

Replacing the timing chain, on the other hand, was a chore. That new 4.0 isn't designed to come apart like the KA24e or the VG30. It cost $2000 to have that done by a non-Nissan shop. The timing chain issue was worked out by 2012, which is why I'm focusing on those years.

Originally Posted by YEPEE View Post
I understand the newer Frontiers with the 3.8 are better than the 4.0's
Because of this:

Originally Posted by alabama_lowlife View Post
I loved mine other than the payment.
And I don't know if anyone makes vehicles with a manual transmission option anymore. Automatic transmissions cost more to make and there is more residual income in the maintenance of them. I think manufacturers just decided to stop making them.
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