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Originally Posted by jp2code View Post

I've often wondered why the Z cars don't hold their values.

Someone told me once that it was because the Mustang GT is faster. I don't really understand that logic. There is always something faster somewhere.

Sweet looking machine.

I've been looking at Frontiers. Like you, I'm wanting something low mileage, 2012 or up (the early 4.0 engines had issues), 4x4, King Cab (never personally cared for the looks of a quad cab truck), and the manual transmission. I've seen a few that fit that description, but they are always a long drive.
I had a 2011 frontier and my dad has a 2014. I loved mine other than the payment. It had almost exactly the same horsepower to weight ratio as my 2004 Titan. My dad loves his 2014. Both are crew cabs. I canít imagine how enjoyable a 4.0 in a king cab would be.

As far as I know the only issues with the early 4.0 wasnít the engine itself but the radiator crapping out and ruining the transmission. I think they cleared all that up around 2009?
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