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Default 2006 Xterra w/135K up to 3K trip? Towing U-Haul trailer?

Feedback requested, please. "Thumper" is a 2006 Xterra w/ 135K miles. No known mechanical problems, and since I purchased him about 10 years ago I have religiously change the oil, etc every 3,000 miles and had a reliable shop look after him. Due to my father's dementia, I will be moving from Clearwater, Florida back to the Spokane, Washington area in September. I've often seen where the Xterras should last about 200K. Am I naive to believe that he can make the 3,000 mile trip without expiring? I'll have my shop change all the belts, new tires, etc. before I head out. Also, would pulling a small U-Haul trailer be detrimental? With appreciation - D
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