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Originally Posted by street_rulerr View Post
my friend has one. its the same as any other domestic car. lots of power, archaic design and drives kinda shitty compared to any import. however compared to a loose floaty d21 it will drive like a racecar.

they have the same problems with age as any other car. its 12years old at its newest. keep that in mind. bushings rot, rubber hardens and breaks, spotwelds fatigue etec.

I drive a 2006 and its getting tired even with only 135k on it.

Thanks bro,I agree and that is all true but for the $$$ it seems like a good choice. I would not buy one with over 75K on it or one with super duper power mods... You can pick up Mustangs all day long that are ragged out as well. I would be choosey and get one with low miles and no mods.Then have wear and tear items replaced. Anybody got a better idea short of a Corvette?
Originally Posted by cadillacdude1975 View Post
if you can wipe your ass, chew gum and send a text message at the same time, you can repair one of these hardbody AC systems.
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