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Originally Posted by ahardb0dy View Post
The getting hot while in traffic comment was not meant to sound like the trucks weren't meant to be driven in traffic, I was just saying a lot of people who have high temp issues when in traffic or stopped tend to be a bad fan clutch.

I would like to do the aluminum multi core radiator swap before I would consider electric fans.

another thing is the radiator core for the KA is about 5/8" thick, same one for the VG30 is 1" thick, may make a difference.
LOL, I didn't take it any other way bro. I was just extemporaneously speaking that its funny that vehicles overheat.

Actually, one of the POs changed it out to an all aluminum radiator. Don't know what brand, but its painted all black. Is that what you mean by aluminum multi core? If I had the time, I would graft in a rad support for a 240 and drop a mishimoto in, but ill be honest, I will never do that, lol.

Id want it just for the writing anyway, and I am not parting with the AC, so the damn condenser would be in the way anyway.

I will look again at the one in there later and see what the width is, which I am thinking its greater than the 5/8s.

You have something against the electric fans?
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