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Southern LA, always between 90-100. Intake temp ranges 80 when cold to 132 during hot days.

Coolant checked for burps via the relief bleed screw. Also watched with the cap off for exhaust bubbles to indicate issues with the head gasket.

Stock gauge moves incessantly, and both sensors (dummy and ECU) changed about 4-6 months ago. Always halfway or more.

Yes, I hear clutch, I will pay more attention but it does roar from time to time that I notice.

The very nature of the vehicle is for use in traffic when its hot, so we cant make excuses for parts that should be working properly. The more I have seen, we all run into these problems, so maybe its because a design failure or what.

I plan on going to electric Altima fan set up. Just ordered Nissan WP and Thermo. Ill show Louise who's boss.
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