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Default Cooling issues

Hey guys,

Just a quick line to drop about a reoccurring issue and see what yall think.

KA has been running warm, I say warm, because its not normal. Normal temp would have the gauge at half way, correct?

Mine runs half way to a couple of ticks up. There is about a 10-15 degree differentiation between half way and three quarters.

I have been running the torque app, and have the ECU reflecting the temperature at 194 F without the AC. Depending on conditions, stops and starts, traffic, and ambient heat, it will fluxuate from 194, to 195.8 to 197 to 199.8. It usually does not go higher than that.

With AC on, temp will spike to 205 or greater, which freaks me out, because the needle will get three quarters up. Noticed this a while ago when I went in a gas station and left it running for a couple of min (10-15 max) with the AC on.

I will normally exchange heat by means of assistance, leaving the heater on defrost with the windows rolled down. This is getting old, and I know is not good for it.

I plan to change the thermo, water pump, belts, and flush. I have checked for leaks via UV Dye and have found none. I am not losing coolant and am using a 1 month old Nissan Radiator cap rated for the 12.78 psi. Fan clutch is OK, but the fan does show some signs of age, no blades missing but some cracks.

I am left with second guessing this stuff so anything you guys can think of, or make me feel like I have a handle on it would be appreciated. My last KA blew from overheating out of nowhere. Don't want to rinse and repeat.
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