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No, it still looks like a VG30E lol which kinda makes me sad because I worked really hard on it and it still looks like it belongs. You have to pay close attention to the belt drive and rad hoses. Got a few things to figure out regarding the hoses as the lower is more or less flopping in the wind. the Harmonic balancer still needs swapped to the Xterra unit so I can run the 120 amp alt. and AC once I acquire the Xterra Compressor. If I find my camera, I'll post up some pics later.

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Originally Posted by C_Case View Post
mine's a complete shitheap, bought from a guy who hacked it, who bought it from a complete retard.
i put 3k on it with a horrible rod knock before it barfed up a tranny.
it's ugly, loud, uncomfortable and smelly, but i'll be damned if it's not reliable.

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