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Originally Posted by XoXSciFiGuy View Post
Oil pump should go in first...and THEN the distributor on top. Reason is because once you have the oil pump in place properly, the shaft cannot move on you as long as you don't roll the truck while in gear. I guess you COULD do it backwards, but I haven't tried that. Remember....just one tooth off on the oil pump gear will toss the truck about 20 degrees out of time. If the gear has 16 teeth, (can't recall the exact number of teeth, but it is something like that) that puts off the timing at 22.5 degrees. Yeah...that engine will buck and rock and backfire even if it starts.

Thanks SciFi. I set TDC with oil pump out then....insert oil pump shaft per factory service manual pics....and attach distributor. I'm game to give that more than a couple of tries. Thanks for the pointed advice on shopping for an oil change. Frugality is important! I have changed oil on this truck every 3K miles. Will now start doing it every 2K miles!
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