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I've made some progress. I found my LS, and where I was going to go the cheap route of a truck engine, I am now going with a 39k mile 425hp GTO engine and a T-56 transmission... yee-haw! (I am not southern, but I feel that is the correct reaction, haha!) So now I have to figure out the rear end. After seeing how easy the front hub conversion is to go 5-lug, I am extremely tempted to go that route. So many wheel options! But I do have a couple questions. mytmouz, you said you did the 8.8 conversion without shorting the rear end? Does this mean the rear wheels stick out? Which vehicle should I pull an 8.8 from? It came in a whole lot, is one of them closer to the stock width? I plan to head to the junkyard in the coming weeks, but I'd like to know what to look for when I do.
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