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Originally Posted by 86.5KC View Post
Hi EF2,
I have the belltech spindles and leaves with a 4degree shim on my truck. The ride is very much stock, you will love it if you go that route.
Just a word of caution. If you are going to re-drill the rear hangers, the 1 inch blocks will put your axle very(VERY) close to resting on the frame.
I have zero bump stops in my truck front or rear, with about 2.25" of clearance between the axle and frame, and I occasionally bottom the rear against the frame rail on spirited turns when there is a bump in the road. If you are doing a mini-notch the 1 inch blocks should be fine, if no notch I would think that they will be a bit too close to be comfortable, unless the roads where you live are exceptionally well maintained.....
I have a couple of pictures in my album if you want to see the height of the above combination. For what its worth my truck has the 17" Titans with 205/50/17 tires for an overall tire height ~1.5% larger than the stock tire height.
yeah i literally ordered the spindles, leaves and 1 inch blocks last night actually lol. sounds like iíll have to get a 2 degree shim for that as well since the block i got has a 2 degree on it. as for the hanger re drill i was gonna wait till i get my wheels and tires to see where the leaves and blocks sits. i donít mind the roads, theyíre fairly shitty where i live but i daily a slammed civic so if i can get around in that, i should be golden in the truck lol, and itís not really gonna be a daily either. should be ordering the wheels and tires soon, so iíll just go from there. do you happen to have any pics of the axle clearance with the re drill blocks and leafs? thanks for all the info as well!
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