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wgd1005 08-19-2021 01:48 AM

1985 720 engine swaps
Just got myself a super clean '85 720 ST king cab. the current z24 is 100% done for. At first I really wanted to 350 swap it, but I can't get myself to hack this thing up too much. I was wondering what some good swaps are? Would something like a k20 honda motor or the B234R saab engine work?

89'HBV6 08-19-2021 02:00 AM

Welcome to IN wgd...

We'd luv to see some PIC. Please share. Sorta a newbie initiation right... :D

Hang tight, I'm sure someone will have some input for ya. :thumb:

Reserector 08-19-2021 05:48 PM

2wd or 4x4?

Stinky 08-20-2021 02:08 AM

What are you thinking?

A Honda of the same size of a Nissan....what would you gain? You'd have to find a trans to hook it up to.

SAAB....same thing.

Both of em are in a FWD configuration.

How about a Nissan K24

How about a nissan 3.0 V6

Chevy 4.3 would be better than a 350

You can get adapters for a Honda 3.5 V6,TH trans...but why?

Nissan 350Z would be a better idea.

estetic 08-20-2021 05:27 PM

Carb'd SBC 350 with a th350 trans is absolutely the best bang for the buck. Easy swap as well (at least in a d21, 720 may be a bit tighter).

Anything will work with deep enough pockets

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